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* Required field Pty Ltd is an Australian company that specialises in making spatial data available at low cost to small business and the wider community. It uses innovative spatial information technology developed by its own in-house team.

In its development stages Earthinsite received supporting grants from the ACT Chief Ministerís Department, the Federal Governmentís Information Technology On-Line program, AusIndustryís COMET program and more recently from BusinessACTís Knowledge Fund and Business Accelerator Program.

Earthinsite is an Internet-based source of earth and environmental data such as remotely sensed data, topographic data, geoscience data and land-use data and associated value-added products, including thematic maps.

Earthinsite brings together data from different sources and delivers data and information products tailored to the specific needs of end-users in a variety of industries and for private use.

The technology behind City2See uses a mix of fast local processing on the userís computer, and a powerful remote image processing engine based on the industry-standard ER MapperTM software.

The aerial photography used in City2See is licensed from Sinclair Knight Merz, and Qasco Surveys Pty Ltd, Australia's leading spatial information firms, and the Land Information Centre of the ACT Planning and Land Authority.

City2See is one of several data products developed by Earthinsite. Other products include an Australia-wide sea surface temperature and sea colour image delivery service, whose images are derived from daily satellite data.

This is used by both recreational and professional anglers. The system provides data every few hours on the current sea surface temperatures and sea colour around Australia, a critical factor in identifying the likely location of significant fish populations.

For more information about Earthinsite and to discuss how our team might help you in best using spatial information contact us by clicking here.

Earthinsite is a member of the International Map Trade Association.

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