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High Quality Aerial Photograph of Your Home or Office, or School, or any part of your City that you want to see!

For the first time ever, City2See offers you the ability to quickly and cheaply locate and order a high quality aerial photograph of your home, business, school or any other city landmark you wish.

You can search for and download sample images of any part of your city.

The sample images contain a watermark and are low resolution (they look good on the screen, but will appear quite small if you print it out).

This is FREE and you can view as many images as you want.

When you have found the image you want, you can order Higher Resolution Digital Images as follows:

Standard Format   : 0.8 megapixel (1000x800 pixels)  - $14.90;
Extended Format 1: 3.2 megapixel (2000x1600 pixels) - $29.90;
Extended Format 2: 7.2 megapixel (3000x2400 pixels) - $49.90.
(Note: The availability of Extended Formats 1 & 2 depend on the level of zoom-in chosen)

or Higher Quality Printed Images. . Click here for More Details.

You can select and order a higher resolution digital image, which you can instantly download to your hard drive and print on your home or office printer. It is not recommended that you try to print the Standard Format product image any larger than half A4 although it is fine for viewing on your screen.

The Extended Format 1 & 2 products can however be used to print up to A4 and A3 respectively. However, they will not be as good as a high quality print ordered from our site because we use even larger size TIFF files. All higher resolution images contain a small logo in the bottom left corner acknowledging the copyright of the image.

From only $9.90 for Canberra and $14.90 for all other cities (including GST), you can own your own unique digital image of your home, your workplace or your local neighbourhood.

Click here for More Details.

You can select and order a Higher Quality Printed Image, which will be sent to your home within 5 working days.

Printed images are high quality colour laser prints on photo-quality gloss paper.

You have the choice of a plain print, laminated print or you can have it delivered to you framed and ready to hang in your home or office. These quality prints also have a small logo in the bottom left corner acknowledging the copyright in the image.

Click for More Details

“The framed picture looks great on my study wall. Thanks”
~Bill Golding

“The A3 framed print was a great addition to our Foyer. When clients visit our factory they often comment on it and ask us how we got it done.”
~Thomas Russell

“Searching for our house was so simple. It only took a couple of minutes, and the kids thought it was fantastic.”
~Mark Jones

“I gave a framed print of our family home to my dad for his birthday. He loved it.”
~Steve Rose

“This is a great site. Everyone should check it out.”
~Phil Hunter

“I think some of the tiles on my roof need replacing!”
~Beck Arkin

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